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Pressure on our Jobs due to over spending

As the UK economy slows, the public finances will suffer, economists say. If this is true how can we justify living beyond our means and feel happy that our jobs in the UK are safe?
UK public borrowing surged last month to show the biggest deficit since records began a decade ago, Office for National Statistics figures show. Net borrowing reached £7.8bn in December, up from £6.4bn a year ago.
For the year to December, net borrowing reached £43.6bn, £11.4bn more than the year before and higher than the Treasury's 2008 spending targets.
Economists now expect the government to miss its targets this year as slower economic growth brings in lower taxes.
"The state of the UK's public finances continues to go from bad to worse," said Jonathan Loynes, economist at Capital Economics.
"Although borrowing is likely to fall in the final few months, an overshoot of at least £2bn to £3bn looks likely," he added.
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